In Love With the Sun - EP

by Great Aunts

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released September 23, 2014

All lyrics & music written by Jeff Rose
All songs performed, recorded, mixed, and produced by Jeff Rose
Additional mixing and mastering by Dan A. Diaz
Organ on track 1 and additional noise guitar
on track 6 by David Barnard
Recorded at home in Boca Raton, FL
Cover art created by Sage Duvall at Flashback Diner

Thank you to Dan, Dave, JP, Eric, Sage, and anyone who has encouraged me to keep making music.

-For Damboo-



all rights reserved


Great Aunts Boca Raton, Florida

Jeff Rose has been recognized as the drummer behind noteworthy South Florida bands such as Léger, Stonefox, Young Circles, Goolsby, Lavola, and Civilian. Now with a discography of several records, he performs in full-band form under the name Great Aunts alongside David Barnard, Sage Duvall, and Ben Perman. The new "Hit You" EP is out April 15th, 2016. ... more

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Track Name: Patricia Patricia
When there are times you cannot comprehend
And life is like a road where you can't see the end
Take comfort in the the joy of little things
Ask life for more and then you'll see what else it brings
Oh Patricia, Patricia you know
There are things you just have to let go
All the hard times will be over soon
They'll run from you
Oh Patricia, Patricia you'll see
That your smile is a sign of relief
And if you stretch your hand out to me
I'll run to you
There comes a time when we're all worrisome
I think of all the things that I'll never become
But when you think of all the privileges
You have but never use, a brighter day will come
Don't be scared
Just hang in there
I promise you're outshining all the rest
Track Name: Halo
I said, "Well, look at that time I met you, we were dancing, love."
You said, "You're cute" and my heart it jumped - I saw no need to stop dancing.
We were surrounded by particularly strange circumstances in the dark
of the dance floor when it crossed my mind:
A halo!
Is she angel? Is she angular?
Who could know?
Savior or executioner?
We saw the turtles swim by and walked against the mid-day sun
You said you're leaving on a plane to New York, that sounds like fun...
Are you gonna bring your halo?
By and by, through and through you are spectacular
Spread your wings
Could we fly into the future?
Track Name: Let Me Down
I watch an open door and hope that it closes quickly
I'm sending energy, the shivers down your spine
Just when you least expect it, I'll know the nature of your crime
I tried to call
I tried to write
It seems that by that time my chance had past
And you were eating breakfast in my bed
I'm writing down the words for you
A letter like this wouldn't be so bad
If you wrote it too
A letter from you wouldn't be so bad
The least you could do would be to let me down easy
Just when I thought we were good
You go and become silent
It took a lot of nerve, which you must have in spades
Just when you least expect it, I'll reach to draw the curtain
I tried to care
I kept an eye out for you
And when I least expected, all of our stars came crashing down
Yeah, let me down easy
Track Name: Encyclopedia
You walked with me
We're jumping off a ledge
You hurt yourself
What could we do?
I'm thinking back to Wednesdays every week
Eternal friend, your love is true
And all the pieces of every puzzle wouldn't fit
In separate worlds our hearts are magnets caving in
Don't ever leave
You talk to me
You say it 'cause it's true
Your voice is soft, Encyclopedia
Impossible - a penguin and a panda bear
I'll look it up and get it down
It's buried deep somewhere
And all the pieces of every puzzle wouldn't fit
In separate worlds our hearts are beating in unison
I hope I set an example half as good as you
We all have goals...
I'll set this one with you in mind
I'm on a road
Sun's setting on my left
I know that I'll be with you soon enough
Track Name: Black Cloud
Black cloud hanging over me
I spill it all every time you even walk by me
Indecision - should I stay or leave?
I'm in my own world but baby only you can see
What you want? What you really want?
What you want? What you really want is a break from it all
What you want? What you really want?
I could be wrong, but I'm going absolutely nowhere
What you want? What you really want?
What you want? What you really want could be our little secret
What you want? What you really want?
I need a time, a place, and a twisted prescription...for change
Black cloud hanging over me
I'm nearly broken completely, watch my pieces bleed
Helping hands pass me by like drunken high-fives
Ain't no Christmas for me in July (a punch in the eye)
What you want? What you really want?
What you want? What you really want is a cure for it all
What you want? What you really want is a cold compress or a warm, smoking gun
What you want? What you really want?
A little credit would be nice
What you want? What you really want?
I need a time, a place, and a deadly prescription
Now what you want from me, babe?
I know you know
But you say a lady never tells
So what you want from me?
A permanent vacation?
Track Name: In Love With the Sun
If you wanna go out and face the day
We could have some fun, there's a million ways
But oh oh, oh oh, I'm in love with the sun
Oh oh, oh oh, everyone is in love with the sun
I see you in the morning
You're holding something back
When time is of the essence
I'll be serious as a heart attack
You meet us in the evening
Explaining where you've been
You're throwing quite a tantrum
My temper's wavering
Invited to your kingdom
Expecting servitude
We put up with your bullshit
But you ain't got a clue
And I won't be your fool
No, I won't be a fool
Track Name: Ashes
When I ask "Is everything all right?"
The question you should hear is "Where the hell were you last night?"
You've been going through the motions
You say "Put it on my tab"
But something's got to give, kid
It's becoming quite a drag
But you choose to ignore me
You've been fumbling through a day job
All you've got is dust
Sometimes you get so serious like it's fight tonight or bust
Are you planning out a planet?
Do you even have a plan?
One surefire enough to put a paycheck in your hand?
You're pure and on repeat
More bitter than sweet
You're hanging by a string
Always ever-trying to compete for my attention
I gave you one more chance and then half a dozen more
Is it me or you or everyone?
Has your life become a chore?
Started looking toward the stars for help
They listen more than speak
You got cozy with yourself and now the future's not so bleak
You don't even know
Something's got to go
And in the end
What comes around keeps coming