Deep Breaths

by Great Aunts

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This is an album about love.
This is an album about hate.
This is an album about longing.
This is an album about waiting.
This is an album about hopes.
This is an album about regrets.
This is an album about you.


released February 17, 2015

Jeff Rose - all instruments & vocals

Engineered, mixed, mastered & produced by Jeff Rose

All lyrics by Jeff Rose

Written and recorded in Nashville, TN in Fall 2014 except track 1, written and recorded in Boca Raton, FL in Summer 2014

Album art by Jeff Rose & David Barnard

- For R.C.D. -



all rights reserved


Great Aunts Boca Raton, Florida

Jeff Rose has been recognized as the drummer behind noteworthy South Florida bands such as Léger, Stonefox, Young Circles, Goolsby, Lavola, and Civilian. Now with a discography of several records, he performs in full-band form under the name Great Aunts alongside David Barnard, Sage Duvall, and Ben Perman. The new "Hit You" EP is out April 15th, 2016. ... more

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Track Name: The Feeling
Track Name: Living Proof
You can't stop the feeling sneaking up 'cause it's hard enough
To feel free to do whatever with her, man it sure is tough
I told you I'm leaving
We were lying on the beach
The stars shone
If I hold you long enough your crying should stop

It sucks when you wanna feel a feeling but it just won't come
Sometimes the feeling of frustration leaves you cold and numb
But what's more, you meet a special person and your heart explodes
Now you're left feeling like a traitor to your own heart's home
'Cause you've gotta be going now

I told you I'm leaving
We were lying on the beach
The stars shone
If I hold you long enough your crying might stop
It's not like I'm moving to Seattle
We'll stay in contact
When you're ready come find me and I'll hold you again

Honestly, I'm fine but it hurts like hell
To see all these people carrying on without a sense of right from wrong
Majesty, don't stop when you feel let down
We've got all this time for cutting loose
And after all you're living proof for me
Track Name: Scoreboard
She rolled up at 8 and unhappily
We put up our fate on the scoreboard
Counting down the days until I leave here

We rolled out at 12 with precious little time
I knew what would come next
Yeah it was all on my mind
And she said to me

The first one that you love
Will be the first you leave
And the last thing that you ever thought
Would seem so concrete

We all become
Silhouettes in the dark
We work as one

She woke up at 10
I was miles away
Forever seemed like much too long
But I exaggerate
We work so well
And that's the one thing I hate
Because I miss you

We work as one
Because we share the same heart
We work as one
Track Name: You Are a Torch
Blinded by your stare
Your gaze cuts right through me
I wish I had been ready
When it occurred to me
I was in grave danger
And at risk of an attack of love

In separate worlds we live
Yet unified by one thing
We both are seeking truths
I lie upon this bed
It's one half cold these days
I'm hoping for a change of climate in the coming days

I don't know if this will reach you
This tattered letter
Signed and sealed with one thing on my mind
I've got to get her

By plane I'm flying in
Just in the nick of time
I haven't time to spare
I race against the clock
To feed my love's desire
To reunite and take the world by storm

Now it's gold
There's only so much beauty that my eyes can behold
Honey, don't grow cold
There's only so much warmth I'm made of
And after this it's time to explode
You're glimmering
And light bursts through your translucent skin
The room is bright tonight
And you become the torch to guide my way back home

I don't know if this will reach you
This tattered letter
Burnt upon the winter's twilight
Track Name: Roadblock
Change yourself
Change all that you stand for
Your tendencies
Tendons growing tight
I'm out here
I'm trying, I'm slackin'
Hold my hand
'Cause I sure as hell need another parent

Cats and dogs
It rains from the inside
Can you count
The number of little lies?
You're like a roadblock without a road
A rule book highlighted
I'm feeling like I can't grow
And it's getting tight in here

Sometimes I wanna raise my voice but it costs too much
Time spent feeling like I'm happenin' but I'm out of touch

Fake your life
Trade truth for the dark side
Settle down
Step on an olive branch

That's not good enough
For you now
That's not far enough
Track Name: Dark Delay
Please let me know if it's good
If I only understood
You're my best friend, won't you fill me in?
We've seen a whole lot since we first began
We were up in a room, grey and windowless
It was years ago, but I still remember this

Loud or soft
Hot or cold
We've been young and we've been old
With dark delay and fuzz guitars
We wrote a song across our hearts

Please tell me when to stop
If this should ever feel less than tops
For goodness' sake you're like a brother to me
And my poor heart aches because it's meant to be
Making noise 'til late, through the blood and tears
When the cops showed up even they couldn't believe their ears

The chemistry
There's no one else it seems
Yeah, our chemistry
It's just indicative of you and me

Loud or soft
Harder than hard
Broken cymbals, Japanese guitars
North to South
Someday coast to coast
Rockin' together - that's what I like most
I wrote this part so we could play it both
Track Name: Quitting Time
These conversations I have in my head with my friends like they're dead are really not helping
I used to laugh but now I'm just reminded of the past and the pending
I wait for hours when a burst of unknown might heat this cold house completely (It's just that I'm dreaming)
A great mistake reveals itself to be what I thought I had needed

But wait, don't fear
That won't make the time go by
The end is near
You'll see it with clearer eyes

It's just a release you need
It's coming soon
You can count the days
Yet the minutes pace as if they had somewhere to go without you

And in my dreams I'm distracted by locks - those on doors and of your hair
A vibrant flame that envelops my heart still keeps me warm as if I'm there

You can't see me
But I can feel you babe
The light is blinding
You're glowing amazingly

The weight of the world is falling harder still
I'm lost beneath
Somehow that's ok with me

You can't start until it's quitting time
What a shame
Track Name: Not What You Say
I know you want a very clear view of where we stand
I wish I could deliver this straight to you
You know you've got a hell of a way with stalkers
But I know there are a few things you could do
Hey! Get away from my woman!
No! She doesn't wanna go home with you!

It's not what you say, it's what you don't say, baby
It's not what you do, it's what you don't do, honey

I've got a feeling we could be in a running
For a sort of prize for endurance
A picture of your pretty face pops into my sight
I'm starving because you're on my mind
Hey! Get away from my darling!
No! You'll have to bark up another tree!

Oh-oh, it's you
Woe is me
Hey, get away from my angel
No, you should be leaving now
Track Name: Next Year
I'm thinking hard
Harder now
Than before
I headed out
Thinking 'bout a special pair of eyes
And how I make them cry sometimes
You wouldn't laugh
You might not sing
And sure, without me still your phone would ring
But without you I feel like I'm missing everything

What would you say
To walking on the beach with me in May
And catching movies late at night
My mind is clear
I'm sick of wishing you were here so I
Wanna take a chance and come back home next year

I'm losing sleep
Without your touch
I'm not living enough
The cat's meow
You are the bee's both knees
The sweetest scent of potpourri
I couldn't count
The times I've thought about
How it would be the next time you see me
And how I'd hold you close and kiss you so delightedly

I don't know if you're asleep
But I hope your dreams are sweet
Colors of the sunburned sky
Part of why you caught my eye
It's true...I'd lose my mind without you

What would you say
To walking on the beach with me in May
And watching X-Files late at night
My mind is clear
I'm sick of wishing you were here so I'm
Gonna take a chance and come back home next year
Track Name: Everything
It might not seem like much
But to me it's everything
I might not feel your touch
But I must
And that's everything

In the morning light
I'll come and find you
I'll take you to heaven
It'll feel like brand new
In the dead of night
You'll be stealing my soul
My head will be spinnin' 'round
I am young and I am old